Time Flies!

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A lot has happened since my last post here, so I’ll just outline the highlights for now:

  • Back in May my wife and I were finally married.
  • Also in May, I was nominated for and elected onto the board of the Pepperell Business Association, which is a wonderful group that supports and promotes our local businesses.
  • In June, my daughter, Aurelia Ann, turned one year old.
  • Also in June, I filed my DBA for Shirts and Signs.
  • I registered ShirtsAndSigns.us and put up the coming soon page.
  • Yesterday, I finally closed with the bank and bought the company that I have been working at for the past nearly 5 years, Sites & Signs.

I chose the name Shirts & Signs for the new business, because I feel it better describes our focus and strengths overall. After all, nearly 50% of our business is custom screen printed apparel, with signage, printing and website design all making up smaller portions of the remaining 50%.

Now, I have a ton of work to do to finalize all of the little details involved with such a change, along with our normal workload, which is, I’m glad to say, unseasonably busy for us. This includes building the new website, which, hopefully, I will remember to come back here and mention when it is updated.