Business Planning

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Some of you are aware of the fact that I will be buying my boss’ company, Sites & Signs, this year.

The schedule that we are trying to meet is a bit aggressive – currently, our contracts have March 15th as the date for the sale – though it is flexible (per the terms of the contract itself even).

I’ve been working tirelessly on putting together a comprehensive business plan since he offered me first option to buy the company back in September. This has included considering a multitude of the aspects of running the business, and all of the things that I will do to keep it running, and take it to the next level.

Most of the details are relatively mundane, and I won’t bore you with them here. However, I have been deriving much excitement through the process, much of which is due to the fact that running my own business has been a long-time dream and aspiration of mine.

Most recently, I have also been working on raising the necessary collateral required by the bank for a loan. Though I will gladly accept any gifts given for this purpose, investors will receive a percentage in return for there generous help.

Though I won’t post the exact monetary details here, if you are interested in making an investment, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.